Don’t get too excited.

I have been waiting for access to Spotify’s new video podcast function. That is why I have been sitting on this site for so long. Yes, I could have done some interim posting. Yes, I could have put down some more written posts. Yes.

But I didn’t. I really did not want to start and then have to deal with what I consider the “true” start. Well, I just put up a test on Spotify. It is horrible. It is that kind of test I despise where I use inferior equipment to that in my studio, and then say, “this is a test.” Doesn’t that aggravate you? It does me, but I did it anyway. This is set to be deleted when I start pumping out my real content next week. But you can still catch it here. Yay!

Video at the link below, audio player embedded here on site.

Third Options | Podcast on Spotify

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