Don’t get too excited.

I have been waiting for access to Spotify’s new video podcast function. That is why I have been sitting on this site for so long. Yes, I could have done some interim posting. Yes, I could have put down some more written posts. Yes.

But I didn’t. I really did not want to start and then have to deal with what I consider the “true” start. Well, I just put up a test on Spotify. It is horrible. It is that kind of test I despise where I use inferior equipment to that in my studio, and then say, “this is a test.” Doesn’t that aggravate you? It does me, but I did it anyway. This is set to be deleted when I start pumping out my real content next week. But you can still catch it here. Yay!

Video at the link below, audio player embedded here on site.

Third Options | Podcast on Spotify

Your life depends on it.

Every day we wake up is another canvas for us to paint. Too much cliche? Yeah, I think so too, but it fits.

The key to filling that canvas is making choices. I have a quote that I love and I think it comes from Joe Dispenza, but I could be wrong. Anyway, to paraphrase, it is, “you can’t create a perfect past.” That simply means what is done is done and no amount of rumination can change it. You can learn from it, but you can’t make the past better or worse.

Much like having the inability to change the past, you can’t live the future today. You can plan, you can have goals, you can have hope, but you can’t live it today. You can only live moment to moment.

Every day we wake up with a finite amount of energy for that day, a finite amount of attention, a finite amount of hours. Everything you do eats into that cache. Spending time in the past eats into it, and daydreaming about the future eats into it. The choices you make decide whether that cache is used wisely or not.

The key to choices is taking action. If something in the past bothers you, do not dwell, but take what you have learned and put it into action, in this moment. If there is something you want to achieve in the future, take an action right now, however big or small, but in this moment.

In the end, we will all die. Memento Mori. It is how we spend our moments that define how we lived. How we spend our moments is decided by the choices we make. If you knew you had ten years left how would you spend this moment? What if you knew you only had until this afternoon? That difference should not matter if you are making good choices right now.

In a lot of ways, the term Third Options can be a bit confusing. I get that. Stick with me for a bit though.

In the modern world it seems that everything is being reduced to this or that, black or white (not race-related), or a basic sense of, ”I’m right and you are wrong, period.” The world seems to be lacking in the wonderful range of nuance that makes life fun, rich, and beautiful.

This is what Third Options is here to explore. I get that ”Third Options” is not grammatically correct. Contextually though, it is correct. You see, in every situation you find yourself, there are options outside of the ”this or that.” These are the Third Options.

So why make Third Options plural? Why make it grammatically incorrect? Because nuance, true nuance, dictates that our third option in situations can be different from everyone else’s third option. This site will explore the third option(s) through articles, blog posts, and podcasts.

This site does not have the audacity to claim to have the answers, but instead opens us all to the idea that the answers lie outside the ”this or that” thinking. That we all have the answers inside of us. But we can only find those answers, the nuanced truths, by thinking for ourselves and not following the polarized groupthink that is leading our society towards ultimate disharmony.

It is my ultimate hope that this site can be a bit of a sanctuary from groupthink and blind following of the current patterns of information. Will you always agree with me? I sincerely hope not. I don’t have all the answers, I just know that the answers exist in asking the right questions and staying open to new ideas. Approaching the world with curiosity and wonder, not strict dogma.

Now, let’s have some fun.

In my next post, I will tell you a bit about myself and how I got to this point in my life. The point where I am comfortable in sharing these ideas I have built over my time trying to tie the world together by reason. Usually failing, but getting better at it as I go.